Acute Care

Collecting capillary blood samples doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Whether it’s securing capillary blood samples from newborns to adults, ONE-CARE™ capillary blood sampling products are designed for the safety, comfort and convenience of both patients and staff. They are cost effective to help offset the rising costs of healthcare.

The ONE-CARE™ newborn heel-stick has been designed and rigorously tested to ensure smooth and accurate incisions and minimize discomfort to even the smallest patients. ONE-CARE™ safety lancets are easy to use, available in both contact activated and button activated style in a variety of sizes and depths. 

ONE-CARE™ are creating solutions that simplify the lives of people with diabetes and the health professionals who care for them. Our expertise and complete, personalized approach to cost-effective blood glucose testing and diabetes management empower people to better control their diabetes and live richer, healthier lives.