Long Term Care

The American Diabetes Association reports that across multiple studies the prevalence of diabetes for residents in long term care homes ranges between 25% - 34%. This prevalence often results in long term care home owners facing greater complexity and higher costs to effectively manage their diabetes programs. The ONE-CARE™ Family of Diabetes Management products were designed to support best-practices in your resident’s day-to-day care while improving the efficiency and budget of your long term care business. You can be confident in the accurate results and reliable performance of ONE-CARE™ products. Combining a comprehensive range of high quality, cost-effective products that are easy to use along with staff education and training, ONE-CARE™ can help increase quality outcomes while reducing the economic burden of diabetes.   


ONE-CARE™ are creating solutions that simplify the lives of people with diabetes and the health professionals who care for them. Our expertise and complete, personalized approach to cost-effective blood glucose testing and diabetes management empower people to better control their diabetes and live richer, healthier lives.