Insulin Safety Syringes


ONE-CARE™ Insulin Safety Syringes

ONE-CARE™ Insulin Syringes offer a variety of sizes similar to market leaders Becton Dickinson and Cardinal’s Monoject. ONE-CARE™ Insulin Syringes have precise graduation, reduced dead space to avoid medication loss. Our syringes feature fixed needles that are precisely grounded, electro-polished and coated with medical grade lubricant to minimize injection force and improve patient’s comfort to encourage glucose testing and insulin delivery for compliance with diabetes educa- tors’ recommendation.

Insulin delivery has never been easier …

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· Reliable shielding mechanism for both transportation mode and permanent lock for safe disposal

· Immediate shielding of the needle (move of the thumb) to prevent the risk of sharp injuries

· ETO-sterilized and protected with blister pack and color coded cover


· Easy to use, intuitive operation as per industry standard in Long Term Care facilities

· Safety mechanism engagement indicator via audible ‘’Click’’ sound once the shield is pushed forward and turned in either direction

· Easy to read marking for precise dosing


· Precisely grinded, electro-polished, silicone-coated, ultra-thin needles to enhance patients comfort

· Color-coded product versions address a variety of patient skin types

· Smooth movement of the plunger for gentle injection


· Minimized dead space to reduce medication loss

· Smart design with temporary needle shielding in transportation mode and permanent lock after drug delivery for safe disposal to prevent sharps injuries and reuse

· Color-coded product versions to address a variety of patient skin types


 Available in two versions for the right fit for every patient and dose requirement.


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ONE-CARE™ Insulin Safety Syringes