Complete Solution

ONE-CARE™ mission is to develop and bring to the market innovative medical devices for diabetes. With complete diabetes care solution, affordable, entirely safe and comfortable to the patients and healthcare professionals.


Long Term Care

The prevalence of diabetes in long term care continues to increase. The ONE-CARE™ Diabetes Solution was developed to help provide long term care home owner with greater control in managing their diabetes programs.

Acute Care

Helping to make capillary blood collection more comfortable and safe for patients and healthcare professionals.

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Consumer Care

By building relationship and listening to people living with diabetes, we’are able to better understand their needs and find new ways to do things better togheter.

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Diabetes Educational Center ONE-CARE™ Solution is integral part of diabetes Managment programs. Visit this section to learn about Diabetes, reimbursement and check our useful links. More…

Product Resources Explore ONE-CARE™ library of product materials and instructions for use videos. More…



Whether you are someone living with diabetes, or a person one who cares for others with diabetes, understanding and properly managing the disease is critical to keeping it under control, minimizing its effects and enjoying life to the fullest.

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