Personal Lancets

& Lancing Devices


ONE-CARE™ Lancing devices and Lancets

ONE-CARE™ Lancing Devices and Lancets have unique features for easy and seamless blood sampling to enhance patient comfort. ONE-CARE™ Lancing Device has multiple penetration depth settings to adjust to the patient skin type and blood flow requirement. The device has a color-coded loading indicator to easily distinguish when the device is ready to us. After puncture, you can simply slide the lancet ejector forward to safely remove the lancet from the device.

ONE-CARE™ Lancets are universal fit and can be used not only with ONE-CARE™ device but most other devices available in the market nowa- days. Our needle offering include ultra-thin 32G lancets (~0.2mm diameter almost as thin as a human hair) for comfortable blood collection of tiny drop for modern glucometers.


  • Universal Design – for use with most lancets available on the market

  • Mini version: compact size of 9 cm length

  • Loading indicator

  • Adjustable tip - 7 depth penetration settings for best results.

  • Reduced pain - thanks to the linear tracking system

  • Quiet and discrete activation

  • Safe ejection system - used lancet is easily removed by ejector with just one hand

  • 23G-33G Universal fit Lancets


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE - Intuitive and easy to follow steps for user comfort.


ONE-CARE™ Lancets

• Universal fit with most lancing devices

• 23G-33G Universal fit Lancets