ONE-CARE™ Pen Needles

ONE-CARE™ Pen Needles offer thin wall and extra thin wall technology for smooth insulin flow, fast and virtually pain free injection. Our needles are precisely grounded, electro-polished and coated with medical grade lubricant to minimize injection force and improve patient’s comfort to encourage glucose testing and insulin delivery for compliance with diabetes educators’ recommendation.

  • Universal design to fit most of the Type-A pen injectors available in the market

  • Precise needle point design and grinding, silicone-coated for smooth insertion

  • 28G-32G color coded configurations

  • Micro 4mm needles available to reduce risk of a painful injection into the muscle

  • Thin wall and extra thin wall technology – precise cannula tube material

  • Sterile, individually packed and color coding to easily distinguish between different needle versions

  • High volume, fully automated assembly with in-line quality inspections

  • High quality product with preferred country of origin



Available in six color-coded versions to meet different test blood flow requirements and adress a variety of patient skin types.


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