Pen Needles

ONE-CARE™ Pen Needles are compatible with most of type A Insulin pen with precision lancet point grinding, silicone treated tip for smooth penetration and shorter needles reduce risk of a painful injection into the muscle. Product Details

Safety Pen Needles

ONE-CARE™ Safety Pen Needles offer simple handling in a similar way as major brands, therefore no special training is required. ONE-CARE™ Safety Pen Needles have compact size and provide the nurses with visual indication when the needle is permanently locked - color coded inner shield disappears after safety mechanism engagement. Product Details

Insulin Safety Syringes

Clear safety shield easy to slide forward for transportation or slide up and twist to permanently lock for safe disposal. Finest needle, precisely grinded, polished and silicone coated for patient’s comfort.

Minimal dead space to avoid medication loss. Clear marking and smooth movement of the plunger for precise dosing

Product Details


Insulin Syringes

 Reliable shielding mechanism for both transportation mode and permanent lock for safe disposal

Product Details